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Head of Marketing Department


Job description


BetConstruct is looking for a Head of Marketing Department who will be in charge of leading our company's marketing efforts. If you have a history of problem-solving, innovative ideas and calculated risk-taking, we would love to hear from you.



Job responsibilities


- Develop marketing strategy for the company and present calculated budget for its realization and implementation․
- Ensure that high-quality services are delivered effectively, efficiently and consistently, whether it is direct or indirect communications․
- Make sure that the businesses marketing communications promote the right message to maintain a good brand image․
- Maintain relations with customers by organizing and developing specific customer- relations programs; determining company presence at conventions, annual meetings, trade associations, and seminars․
- Maintain marketing staff job results by counseling and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results․
- Develop marketing staff by providing information, educational opportunities, and experiential growth opportunities․
- Develop new uses for existing products by analyzing statistics regarding market development; acquiring and analyzing data; consulting with internal and external sources․
- Develop annual marketing plans, create a calendar of campaigns and events, set the marketing budget and analyze the market and competitors․
- Influence present and future products by determining and evaluating current and future market trends․
- Analyze market trends with an aim of identifying unexploited or new markets for the organization's products and services․
-Obtain market share by developing marketing plans and programs for each product; directing promotional support․



Required qualifications
- Bachelor degree in Marketing. MA degree will be a plus․
- Strong analytical and project management skills; confident and dynamic personality․
- Previous experience in a similar position is essential, ideally from a company operating in a similar market․
- Up to date knowledge of marketing best practices and creative marketing opportunities․
- Strong understanding of effective PR and Marketing Communications, e-commerce, (SEO) search engine optimization, (SMM) social media marketing and other forms of computer or digital marketing.