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Lighting Artist


Job description



We are looking for a talented Lighting Artist to join our big and creative team. 



Job responsibilities



- Design and implement lighting of characters and environments for shots that meet and enhance the given art direction
- Maintain the overall look, color balance, and quality for assigned shots and sequences to create uniformity in all finished work
- Fully understands an “iteration intensive” shot pipeline
- Work closely with visual effects supervisors, producers and the lighting / compositing supervisor
- Ultimately responsible for completing all lighting and compositing of shots
- Develop concepts and strategies for lighting projects with team members
- Lighting calculations
- Coordination and integration of electric lighting systems with daylight harvesting controls
- Produce lighting models including building computer and physical models (3-D and 2-D)
- Develop visual materials to represent lighting designs with software such as: Maya, Unreal Engine, 3D Studio max,  InDesign,  Photoshop
- Report writing
- Working on projects using 3D
- Lighting and controls design for a variety of project types and markets
- Conceptual design through construction administration including supervision of lighting systems commissioning



Required qualifications
- University degree in a related field will be considered as an advantage
- At least 2 years of relevant experience
- A strong knowledge of Nuke, Maya, Renderman, Arnold, Redshift, and can easily adapt to a new pipeline and proprietary lighting tools
- Able to plan and execute complex 3D lighting scenes, including working with layers and passes
- Able to determine best approach to solve lighting and compositing challenges and develop final overall look
- Able to perform all tasks associated with the compositing and lighting process, including 2D tracking, layering of elements, color grading, roto work, projection of elements, and extensive 3D compositing
- Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets
- Ability to think outside the box and be creative to find solutions to challenges
- Portfolio is mandatory
- Self-motivated and  ready to learn new tools and technologies continuously
- Ability to accelerate workflows through skill improvement