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Python Backend Developer

Job Responsibilities

. Create an engaging web & campaign ecosystem that drives scale, inspires our community of consumers and enthusiasts, and meets or exceeds the functional needs of our customers, partners, and third-party developers.
. Create stunning web experiences using leading edge HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and WebVR technologies.
. Constantly drive improvements in usability and interactivity on PandaVR web properties.
. Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, and performant applications
. Implementation of security and data protection
. Integration of data storage solutions (MySQL, MongoDB, Redis)
. Provide thought leadership on industry best practices around design, testing, and security

Job Requirements

. Experience developing scalable and high-performing Python web applications
. Experience of working with web frameworks such as Flask or Django
. Experience with REST-based APIs (both consumption and creation)
. Familiarity with ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries
. Experience with relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis)
. Able to create database schemas that represent and support business processes
. Able to integrate multiple data sources and databases into one system
. Basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
. Understanding of accessibility and security compliance
. Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application
. Strong unit test and debugging skills
. UNIX/Linux experience