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Rigging Artist


Job description



BetConstruct is welcoming a Rigging Artist to its big team to become a part of a big family.




Job responsibilities



- Set-up characters and props with skeletons and deformers
- Perform rigging work to effectively skin both bodies, and faces on character assets
- Provide technical direction on models, so that by the time a model reaches the rigging phase it meets the technical requirements needed for the highest level of rigging and skinning
- Develop new rigs as needed; active participation in animation tools improvement, and overall quality
- Work with the team to create balanced solutions to all related technical and aesthetic issues
- Active communication within, and outside the department
- Ability to create rigs that allow for a full range of movement, with a logical, easy to use, and well thought out control structure



Required qualifications
- University degree in a related field will be considered as an advantage
- At least 2 years of professional experience, preferable in video game development
- Advanced knowledge of Maya
- Understanding of human body, and facial anatomy, as it relates to game assets and topology
- Excellent understanding of development workflows to getting character assets into video game engines
- Ability to think outside the box and be creative to find solutions to challenges
- Portfolio is mandatory
- Self-motivated and  ready to learn new tools and technologies continuously
- Ability to accelerate workflows through skill improvement