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Translator (Arabic Language)


If you are truly passionate about translation, then you’re the candidate we are looking for!
You as a translator will build a bridge of communication between speakers of different languages by translating texts and videos to the given language, maintaining the idea and cultural context of the original language. Working in a fast-paced environment of professional and diverse staff, you will have an exquisite opportunity of self-development, self-expression, and share the passion of working at BetConstruct.




Job responsibilities



- Translating all the materials needed
- Provide complete and accurate translation, without losing the main idea of the text
- Following the deadlines created by the head of the unit
- Updating the Sportsbook translation on a daily basis
- Proofread and edit final translated versions



Required qualifications
- Bachelor’s degree in related field
- Proficiency in Arabic
- Advanced in  English and Armenian
- At least 1 years of professional work experience
- Excellent communication skills
- High sense of responsibility
- Time management skills